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Every year, hundreds of millions of people suffer with a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) worldwide. Of these many obtain an incorrect initial antibiotic therapy.

The current workflow for diagnosing UTIs is unreliable, and methods to determine the correct antibiotic treatment have a long turnaround time of over 2 days. We are simplifying this workflow by providing an accurate UTI diagnosis and subsequently indicating the optimal antibiotic prescription in a doctor’s shift based on evidence provided by our device. In this way, we enable doctors to prescribe fast, evidence-based and personalized antibiotic care. With our intervention, we aim to reduce unnecessary antibiotic administration and subsequently combat the public global health issue of antibiotic resistance.

Product applications

Bacterial infections at the physician’s site:

Currently we are developing our product for Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs). However, our technology can be diversified to a range of antibiotic testing solutions.

Our next step is to adapt our current technology for other bacterial infections such as respiratory, skin, and blood infections. This aligns with our company’s chief objective to tackle injudicious antibiotic usage.

ShanX Medtech is committed to dominating the point-of-care antibiotic efficiency testing market


Companion diagnostics:

Our product could serve as a companion diagnostic for both new and existing antibiotics. The high cost of developing novel antibiotics paired with the low sale price results in a limited return for pharmaceutical companies. Furthermore, numerous drugs are no longer eligible treatment options due to a prevalence of resistance towards it.

To avoid current drugs becoming obsolete and to maximize the lifetime of newly developed drugs, it is not inconceivable for pharmaceutical companies to desire a proof-of-effectiveness prior to their drugs, pharmaceutical companies may desire a proof-of-effectiveness prior to their drugs being administered, a role which our product can accomplish.

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