KAIROS provides reliable results directly from patient sample in as fast as 1 hour

With KAIROS, antibiotic prescribers know whether an antibiotic should be administered, and which is an optimal antibiotic treatment… tailored to each patient’s needs.

KAIROS Special Features

KAIROS is a truly versatile system, applicable to civil and non civil settings, at (hospital) microbiology labs and at the point of care.

Time-to-result in as fast as 1 hour

Directly from sample: No sample preparation needed

Test applicable to a broad spectrum of pathogens

Minimizing hands-on time to seconds

Targeted therapy: Personalized therapeutic advice for a large panel of antibiotics

Small size to fit everywhere

Follows EUCAST/CLSI and Medical Guidelines

Patient centric: Best in vivo predictive value

A stackable system that empowers flexibility

Digitally enabled to support surveillance of AMR

*Product not yet regulatory approved.