Time is right, right first time.

Bacterial infections affect hundreds of millions of people worldwide and frequently necessitate an antibiotic prescription.

As it stands, antibiotic prescribers administer a first-line of antibiotic treatment, which is often altered when reliable diagnosis (Dx) and Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing (AST) results become available.

Current AST methods require at least a 2-day turnaround time to deliver these results.

This discrepancy between first- and second-line treatment compromises patient outcomes; often times resulting in infection complications, patient re-visits, hospitalizations, and prolonged hospitals stays. Furthermore, when the initial antibiotic treatment provided is erroneous – or else entirely unnecessary – such methods contribute to the global public health issue of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR).

At ShanX Medtech patients come first, because our journey began with one.

Flora’s open-heart surgery was supposed to save her life, instead, it nearly ended it. While in the hospital, she contracted a multi-drug-resistant bacterial infection, and her condition rapidly declined.

Her doctors, limited by current diagnostic methods for antibiotic susceptibility testing, were unable to pinpoint an effective treatment in time. Flora endured excruciating pain and fear, while her family watched helplessly, tormented by the inadequacy of the medical interventions. The improperly managed infection brought them to the brink of despair.

Ten years later and underwhelmed by the lack of improvement, Sophia, Flora’s daughter, took responsibility to develop a device that could quickly inform doctors how to best manage bacterial infections with personalized treatment options. She founded ShanX Medtech with an innovative, yet simple idea of a product that could revolutionize the current standard of care in bacterial infection management and a huge passion to develop the product and bring it to market, enabling doctors and healthcare facilities to better help patients and especially to stop patients suffering unnecessarily.

A team of dedicated experts was quickly assembled for this mission, viewing it as their service to the community to develop a product with care and integrity that will change each patient’s life.

We are developing KAIROS

KAIROS (Ancient Greek: καιρός) is an ancient Greek word meaning 'the right or critical moment'.

World’s first Dx/AST in-specimen device to help antibiotic prescribers administer quick evidence-based, correct, first antibiotic treatment no matter where they are.