April 2023

ShanX Medtech amongst the 3 Dutch Med/Biotech companies to be selected for funding for the Women TechEU

ShanX Medtech is is selected for funding for the Women TechEU 2022/2023, with the project titled "Tackling antibiotic over-prescription". The Women TechEU is funded by the European Commision, and is targetting exceptional Deep Tech startups with a core in innovation that advance science and engineering  and are led by...

January 2023

ShanX Medtech to strengthen relationship with Erasmus MC

ShanX Medtech and the Erasmus Medical Center (Erasmus MC) have been working together towards the further development and validation of ShanX's antibiotic testing device. The cooperation has been strengthened with the Health Holland PPP Allowance through AMR-Global. AMR-Global is an international Public-Private Partnership that aims to combat Antimicrobial Resistance...

November 2022

September 2022

ShanX Medtech is selected to join the Pole Position by Techleap

ShanX Medtech has been chosen to join the Pole Position alongside other impact-driven, high-potential Dutch startups that are working relentlessly to improve patient care by bringing much-needed innovations to the market. About Techleap: Techleap.nl helps quantify and accelerate the tech ecosystem of the Netherlands. Creating the optimal climate for tech...

ShanX Medtech a step closer to market with the Eurostars

Hundreds of millions of people suffer from Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) every year worldwide. With the majority of UTIs stemming from a bacterial infection, the treatment thereof is straightforward: an antibiotic prescription. But for doctors quickly determining which antibiotic is effective for each patient is challenging. ShanX Medtech is...

June 2022

ShanX Medtech receives the MIT feasibility study 2022

ShanX Medtech is awarded the MIT- Zuid Feasibility Study Subsidy for Growth, Sustainability and Innovative Economy. This project focuses on the investigation and analysis of the potential of a novel medical technological platform applied for testing of antimicrobial resistance, with the aim of supporting decision making by objectively and rationally...

May 2022

April 2022