About Us.

ShanX Medtech is a startup located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Our team is broad and covers not only deep scientific knowledge but also seasoned entrepreneurs.

Our mission and our why:

Since Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in 1928, the use of antibiotics has saved countless lives worldwide. However, the excessive and incorrect use of these same antibiotics has led to a worldwide health hazard.

It is precisely through the use of antibiotics that more and more resistant bacteria occur, which are therefore insensitive (or resistant) to certain antibiotics. Fighting infections caused by these resistant bacteria is therefore much more difficult because the usual antibiotics no longer work.

To counter this growing problem, it is of the utmost importance that antibiotics are handled correctly both worldwide and in the Netherlands. By this we mean not only the correct use of antibiotics by the patient, but also the correct prescription of antibiotics by the doctor.

Our CEO and founder, Dr. Sophia E. Shanko, shares why we started this journey at AMR Insights, a new information platform on AMR, which has inspired lots of people to share their stories.

For our full why see our guest blog on AMR.

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